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Own a cargo storage unit or a enclosed equipment trailer?  Do you keep equipment stored on a job site that is unprotected?

Use the Trailerwatch to provide a versatile portable solution for your cargo storage unit.  No power, no problem.  The on-board battery system will provide a working alarm for 7 days 24/7 without charging.
Storage Container Protection
No installation   No wiring
120db loud siren
7 day battery life without charging
Additional outside siren available
Protects internal space no matter of size
NOTE: Most applications can use the TrailerWatch version without the extra cost of the 2-way system. Ask the salesman for an optional charging wire hook-up for extended battery function.
...2-Way wireless security...  Portable  alarm system... The most versitiel invisible alarm on the market...
Our Systems are some of the most advanced 2-Way Security alarm systems in the world! 1000 - 1500ft. range .  No fees, no service contract.  Providing a moveable self contained security systems from steal armor
All portable alarms offered from steal armor carry a 1 year warranty
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Secure TrailerWatch to the wall or overhead to give a secured interior for your storge container.  Provides protection from several entrances.  Covers a 400 sg. Ft area.  Once door is open or side wall is cut, the TrailerWatch alarm will sound a 120db siren.  This will cause the would be thief to leave the area to avoid being detected or caught.  If mounted to the middle of the storage unit will give a more uniformed protection perimeter. 
Install an additional 12 car battery along with your TrailerWatch alarm and continually charge it with a solar battery charger.  Utilize the charger input connector to supply additional battery hook-up from a large 12 volt vehicle battery.  Mount a solar panel on the exterior of the storage container and you have a maintaince free 24/7 alarm system.  Add one of the available exterior sirens to provide additional protection.  The louder the better.  Will make more noise when unit is triggered.
Siren end of Trailer Dogg